More of a written short of my joureny as a person and as an entrepeneur. I update it from time to time to reflect my current outlook on my past. I look at it as a tool for relection and mindfulness. I will keep it updated here in case others might find use from its content.

I will upload the first version of this once I've updated my personal one to not include any sensitive content which cannot be made public for reasons beyond my control.

I started my journey as an entrepeneur running large online game and web hosting services during the explosive growth of Minecraft, YouTube 'Lets Plays' and the early days of internet livestreaming, whilst completing my degree in Neuroscience at The University of Nottingham (UK).

Most recently I co-founded Headstart AI, a diversity focused recruitment platform which allows companies with high volume recruiting requirements to identify their most talented applicants both quickly, and as fairly as possible.